Our worship is firmly rooted in the Eucharistic Rites of the Book of Common Prayer, occasionally supplemented with authorized alternative prayers and confessions, such as those found in Enriching Our Worship, volumes 1 and 2, or in use by the Order of the Holy Cross. The sacrament of the Eucharist is the focus of our liturgies.

  • At 8 am we gather in the Chapel for a said service from the more traditional language of Rite I.
  • At 10 am we gather in the Sanctuary for a Sung Mass from Rite II. We use traditional vestments, incense, bells, organ and full choir, chant and the singing of hymns at this service.


During each day of the week we give opportunity for you to gather in community for worship, which certainly helps to keep our minds and hearts centered on Christ as we go about the ordinary (and extraordinary!) work of our lives.

  • From September through June, join us for a simple Said Mass on Wednesday mornings at 8 am in the chapel.
  • Year round, join us for Morning Prayer at 8 am in the chapel, Monday through Saturday, except when a Mass is scheduled.
  • Join us the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm for a Healing Mass in the choir. We pray for physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing - healing of the whole person from the inside out. At a healing mass, you will be blessed and encouraged by hymns and a message that focuses on God’s gift of healing to our bodies, minds, and spirits. You will be invited forward, if desired, to be anointed with oil and individually prayed for by our clergy.
  • Keep an eye on our calendar for weekday Masses celebrated on special feast days.
  • Come in any time during the day for your own private prayers--our doors are open to all who want to enter, rest, pray and contemplate the presence of God.


occasional saturday liturgy

This meld of a traditional Anglican service and improvisation-based jazz and rock is hugely popular, and are scheduled on select Saturdays of each month. Our musicians are amongst the finest performing musicians in the L.A. area. This service is appropriate for those familiar with church and those new to any form of Christian Ministry. Through the jazz and rock genres, so much passion, hope, lament, memory, vision, and love can be found for those who choose to seek it out. Those with very traditional spiritual souls may enter the music and be surprised to find common ground.

Recent offerings have included jazz, bluegrass, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miz, and Bob Dylan. The talent is brilliant; the mood is cool and reflective; God is named and celebrated and there's space for everyone. By "everyone", we do mean . . . everyone.

major feast day observances

Throughout the year we celebrate certain major feast days with a weekday Mass, some Sung and some Said, some on a weekday at 8 am and some on a weekday at 7 pm. Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar! In addition to our very special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses, and our Lenten worship, we celebrate the following special feast days:

  • The Holy Name, January 1
  • The Epiphany, January 6
  • The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, February 2
  • The Annunciation, March 25
  • Saint Mark, our Patron, April 25
  • The Ascension, varies with Easter
  • Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, May 31
  • Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, June 24
  • Saint Mary Magdalene, July 22
  • The Transfiguration, August 6
  • Saint Mary the Virgin, August 15
  • Holy Cross Day, September 14
  • Saint Francis of Assisi, October 4
  • All Saints Day, November 1
  • The Holy Innocents, December 28