We are called to remember God, to love God, and to love our neighbor, and we are also called to community with one another through our parish home. Community strengthens us, brings untold abundance into our lives, gives us more than ourselves to rely on and lean on and learn from, and also to dream big with, and pray with, for the Church, for the world, and for one another. Saint Mark's is serious about community, and we have much to offer in helping our community grow stronger in its bonds of affection and ever-deepening discipleship.


Coffee Hours

Coffee hour follows both the 8 am and 10 am Sunday services. It provides a space to sit and fellowship with your fellow parishioners over a cup of coffee or tea. All are welcome at this table. Please contact Elizabeth Eichhorn to become involved hosting coffee hour.


Parish Meals

Most months of the year there is an all-parish meal centered around a particular theme, put on by a group of talented and dedicated chefs and helpers: Saint Laurence Guild. The food is always outstanding, and the fellowship is wonderful. If you are new to Saint Mark's, visiting for the first time, or have been here for years, this is a wonderful way to enter into community. Contact Dcn. Susie for more information.


Summer BBQs

An annual favorite at Saint Mark's is our summer BBQs in the garden. We serve hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetarian options on the grill, and you provide a side dish to share. 


The Epicureans are members of the parish who enjoy the foods of many lands and gather together during the program year for monthly culinary outings to some great restaurants in our area. Contact Dcn. Susie for group information.


Day at the Races

An annual tradition, join us for a day at the races in March at Santa Anita Park. The event is hosted by the Fellowship Group. Contact Dcn. Susie for more information.


Saint Mark's has had a variety of workshops each year: past workshops have included writing workshops, flower arranging workshops, musical workshops, prayer workshops, rosary-making workshops and our annual workshops: the making of palm crosses for Palm Sunday and the making of corsages for Mother's Day. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops.


Special Musical and Arts Events

We are passionate about music and the arts as expressions of God and as ways of drawing closer to God. Numerous events occupy our calendar each year.

Children and youth

Saint Mark's depends on volunteers to maintain and grow our programs for children and youth. Studies show that a multi-generational approach to child and youth ministry is the most effective approach. Following are ways for you to be involved in this incredibly important form of ministry. Contact Dcn. Susie for more information or to volunteer.

  • Assistant teacher in our Pre-K/K Sunday School classroom
  • Teachers in our Grades 1-5 Sunday School classroom
  • Chaperones and hosts for Youth events
  • Coordinator for a service project idea

Liturgical Ministries


All ages from third grade up are welcome to join our rotation of acolytes who serve on Sundays at the 10 am mass. A rota is published once each quarter. Contact Dcn. Susie for more information.

  • Thurifer: Prepares the coals and incense used in our liturgy and leads the processions at the beginning and end of the liturgy, as well as assists the celebrant during the liturgy whenever incense is used.
  • Crucifers: Carry the large or small processional cross at the beginning and end of the liturgy, participate in the Gospel procession, lead the people's offerings bread, wine and treasure to be blessed at the altar and assist with the preparation of the altar for communion.
  • Torchbearers: Accompany the crucifer in processions and in receiving the people's offerings.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

LEM serve the wine to communicants during Communion and, on occasion, take communion to those who are unable to be in church. Contact Fr. Mark for more information or to express your desire to serve.



Reads the first or second lesson assigned for the day, or the Prayers of the People. Assignments are made quarterly and published with the liturgy rota. Contact Dcn. Susie to become a lector.


Altar Guild

Altar Guild members prepare the church and altar for our worship as well as for weddings and funerals. There are four teams who each work once a month, generally on a Saturday at 9 am, plus additional days such as for Holy Week. To learn more, contact Dcn. Robert Sammis, Altar Guild Director.


This important ministry is about welcoming all who join us for our worship here, answering questions and welcoming all to receive communion at that point in the liturgy. There are five teams, each assigned to a particular Sunday of each month, plus a roster of willing substitutes. Contact Mark Ehrhardt for more information.


Parochial Ministries


The Vestry is comprised of members who are called to be agents and legal representatives of the parish in all matters concerning her corporate property and the relations of the parish to its clergy. The Rector of the parish is a member of the vestry and the one who convenes the vestry in consideration of these matters. The vestry members partner with the Rector in the mutual discernment of what the parish is called to do, and then the vestry, as a unified body, has oversight and assumes leadership of that work. For information about Saint Mark's current vestry, visit the vestry page.

Members of the vestry serve three year terms, with new members elected at our annual meeting in September. A commitment is needed from all members of the vestry that each will: pledge financial support early in the stewardship campaign; attend vestry meetings regularly; attend the annual vestry retreat; regularly participate in the worship offerings at Saint Mark's, her formation offerings and community life events of the parish; and be present for the annual meeting. If you are interested in knowing more about the vestry, or wish to offer yourself for consideration at the next annual meeting, please contact Fr. Mark.

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee is a five person committee that includes the Rector, the Treasurer and three volunteers selected by the Rector and approved by the Vestry. The Endowment Committee meets semi-annually and as needed to make recommendations to the Vestry regarding the management of funds that make up the parish's endowment. For more information or to offer yourself for consideration to this important committee, please contact Fr. Mark.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a three person committee that convenes annually to ensure that Saint Mark's appropriately recorded and reported church finances for the previous year, following the written guidelines provided by the Diocese of Los Angeles. The committee also looks into our internal processes to ensure that they are in compliance with "best practices." Results of the audit are reported to the Vestry and the Diocese by September for the preceding year. For more information or to offer yourself to this important ministry, please contact the Treasurer or Fr. Mark.