All ages from third grade up are welcome to join our rotation of acolytes who serve on Sundays at the 10 am mass. A rota is published once each quarter. Contact Dcn. Susie for more information.

  • Thurifer: Prepares the coals and incense used in our liturgy and leads the processions at the beginning and end of the liturgy, as well as assists the celebrant during the liturgy whenever incense is used.
  • Crucifers: Carry the large or small processional cross at the beginning and end of the liturgy, participate in the Gospel procession, lead the people's offerings bread, wine and treasure to be blessed at the altar and assist with the preparation of the altar for communion.
  • Torchbearers: Accompany the crucifer in processions and in receiving the people's offerings.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

LEM serve the wine to communicants during Communion and, on occasion, take communion to those who are unable to be in church. Contact Fr. Mark for more information or to express your desire to serve.


Reads the first or second lesson assigned for the day, or the Prayers of the People. Assignments are made quarterly and published with the liturgy rota. Contact Dcn. Susie to become a lector.

Altar Guild

Altar Guild members prepare the church and altar for our regular worship as well as for weddings and funerals. There are four teams who each work once a month, plus additional days such as for Holy Week. To learn more, contact Dcn. Robert Sammis, Altar Guild Director.


This important ministry is about welcoming all who join us for our worship here, answering questions and welcoming all to receive communion at that point in the liturgy. There are five teams, each assigned to a particular Sunday of each month, plus a roster of willing substitutes. Contact Mark Ehrhardt for more information.