Grades 1-5

Children in grades one through five meet in the Blue Room on Sundays. They begin in the church, with their parents, and then at the Gospel hymn follow their teachers out the back of the church to their classroom. They read Bible stories together and do crafts and activities that support the stories. We have various loving and creative teachers for this age group, and they are assisted by Kristin Poon and Akemi Rodriguez.


sarah addley

Teacher | Grades 1-5


jennifer harkins

Teacher | Grades 1-5


brandon jarratt

Teacher | Grades 1-5


mtr. andrea maier

Teacher | Grades 1-5



Teacher Assistant  |  Grades 1-5

akemi rodriguez

Teacher Assistant | Grades 1-5


carol sayles

Teacher | Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom is led by Teacher Carol (also known as Carol Sayles), who has taught young children in Sunday School and Preschool settings for many, many years. The classroom used on Sundays is the Green Room, the room with the green doors on the other side of the very large sandbox as you walk through the gates from the parking lot. This classroom is for potty trained children until they enter their first grade year. Doors are open on Sundays at 9:45 a.m. Children hear Bible stories and do a variety of crafts in support of those stories, and have a rollicking great time. They come into the church to receive communion or a blessing. Parents are encouraged to walk with their children who are in this age group to receive communion--you may go to your child's classroom at the end of the Eucharistic prayer, or join them as they come down the aisle.


Our caring and experienced nursery staff watch and play and care for your children who are still in diapers, from newborn until they are able to join our Pre-Kindergarten class on Sundays. The nursery is in the Red Room, the room with the red doors on the other side of the enormous sand box as you walk through the gates from our parking lot. Jessica is ready to greet you from 9:45 a.m. on Sundays, and also often provides childcare during parish events.


jessica loke

Teacher | Nursery


Saint Mark's depends on volunteers to maintain and grow our programs for children and youth. Studies show that a multi-generational approach to child and youth ministry is the most effective approach. If you would like to be involved in this incredibly important form of ministry as a teacher or event chaperone, contact Dcn. Susie for more information.