Weekly Worship on


Our worship is firmly rooted in the Eucharistic Rites of the Book of Common Prayer, occasionally supplemented with authorized alternative prayers and confessions, such as those found in Enriching Our Worship, Volumes 1 and 2, or in use by the Order of the Holy Cross. The sacrament of the Eucharist is the focus of our liturgies.

  • At 8 am we gather in the Chapel for a said service from the more traditional language of Rite I.

  • At 10 am we gather in the Sanctuary for a Sung Mass from Rite II. We use traditional vestments, incense, bells, organ and full choir, chant and the singing of hymns at this service.

DAILY Worship on


During each day of the week we give opportunity for you to gather in community for worship, which certainly helps to keep our minds and hearts centered on Christ as we go about the ordinary (and extraordinary!) work of our lives.

  • Morning Prayer: Monday-Saturday (except Wednesday) | 8 am

  • Holy Eucharist on Wednesday | 8 am

  • Noonday Prayer: Monday-Friday | 12:15 pm

  • Midweek Mass during Advent and Lent | Wednesdays | 7 pm

Note: Major feast days will be celebrated with a mass rather than Morning or Noonday Prayer. Please see worship schedule brochure in the narthex or the master calendar on the website.