If you want to be involved, but aren't ready for a lengthy commitment, the following are ways you can help now:

Community Resource Fair Volunteers Needed

On June 30th Saint Mark's Episcopal Church will be hosting a resource day with Communitas. From 11 am - 2pm several nonprofit groups will be offering free services such as diabetes risk assessments and vision screenings. Job centers will be on hand for those teens and adults looking for work. So, come on out and see what your neighborhood is up to and the offerings for great services. Would you like to volunteer at the Resource Fair? If so, please email Deacon Susie at susie@saintmarks.la

Get on the Bus

A Ministry to Children

Get on The Bus.jpg

Thank you to everyone for the generous outpouring of items and money to aid in Saint Mark's participation in Get on the Bus. The June 9 bus trip is organized and supplies ready (see the picture at left!) and the June 23 trip is nearly there: we need only men’s fuzzy socks (7 pair) and fleece lap/travel blankets for the kids (18). If you can help, please contact Deacon Susie or drop your donation in the basket at church. Bless you, all of you!

Get on the Bus is a faith-based nonprofit organization that brings children and their caregivers from throughout the State of California to visit their mothers and fathers in prison, a parent they likely see one day a year thanks to this organization. An annual event, it offers free transportation to the prison, provides travel bags for the children, comfort bags for the caregivers, a photo of each child with his or her parent, and meals for the day (breakfast, snacks on the bus, a special lunch at the prison with their parent and dinner on the way home), all at no cost to the children's family. On the bus trip home, following a four-hour visit with their parent, each child receives a teddy bear with a letter from their parent and post-event counseling.

Get On the Bus recognizes that these children are innocent victims, who are essentially serving the same sentence as their parents. As a Church, we advocate for a restorative model of justice that strives to bring about healing. Attending to the needs of children who have a parent in prison is a critical component of this process. It also helps to maintain family bonds and decrease recidivism: research shows that inmates who have face to face contact with their families are less likely to be arrested again after their release. And then, of course, there is this: “When I was in prison, you visited me,” said Jesus.

Host Coffee Hour

Each week we welcome all who worship at Saint Mark's to have a cup of coffee after the 8 am and 10 am masses and we need folk to sign up to make the coffee and set out the donuts! It's easy and fun! Want to host? Contact Elizabeth Eichhorn at (432) 770-1896 or elizabeth.collier23@gmail.com. She will walk you through what to do and how to do it.

Welcome Table Host

Would you like to be part of our welcome table host team? Saint Mark’s is known as a welcoming church and part of that is due to our welcome table each Sunday in the colonnade. It’s a very easy way to provide a warm smile and hello to visitors and parishioners alike. If you want to help, please email or call Chey Widdop, Associate for Community Life, at chey@saintmark.la or 901-409-7068.