If you want to be involved, the following are ways you can help NOW:

Got a post-hole digger?

The church has just acquired two doggie poop bag dispensers to assist those who walk their precious pets along our sidewalks and to help make our corner of the neighborhood stay a little fresher! To install them we need a post-hole digger. Do you have one the chruch can borrow? Please call/text or email Chey Widdop, Associate for Community Life at 901-409-7068 or chey@saintmarks.la. Thank you!

Puerto Rico Email/Pen-Pal Opportunity

This summer the Vestry of Saint Mark’s voted to initiate a companion relationship with Buen Pastor Church (Good Shepherd) in Puerto Rico through a pen-pal initiative. Fr. Weitzel asked Fr. Leeson to help organize this effort, given his passion for mission and his particular familiarity with Puerto Rico. While we do not anticipate a trip to Puerto Rico, we do hope and believe that as personal relationships are formed, both our parishes will be strengthened and opportunities for shared ministries will be revealed.  

So far, 20 folks from Saint Mark’s have volunteered to correspond on a regular basis with a member of Good Shepherd Church! Wow! We are still looking for members of this parish who can translate from English to Spanish and Spanish to English, so that those who do not speak Spanish can correspond with our Puerto Rican friends. 

Would you like to be a pen-pal? Can you provide translation help? Please email Fr. Bill at  bleeson8@sbcglobal.net.

If you have volunteered to help, thank you! If you have not already submitted your mini-bio, please do so to Fr. Leeson's email address above. 

Oralia Van Leuven, one of the Saint Mark’s Puerto Rico pen-pal volunteers, received the first correspondence (and a bonus photo!) from Good Shepherd Church:

Good afternoon My name is Reinabello Rosado, the wife of Fr. Cesar Ramirez Segarra, vicar of the Episcopal Church, The Good Sheperd in Fjardo, Puerto Rico. We have two girls, 13 years old and 10 months old. It gives me great pleasure to contact you. I hope we can continue. Below is a photo of all of us.


Host Coffee Hour

Each week we welcome all who worship at Saint Mark's to have a cup of coffee after the 8 am and 10 am masses and we need folk to sign up to make the coffee and set out the donuts! It's easy and fun! Want to host? Contact Elizabeth Eichhorn at elizabeth.collier23@gmail.com. She will walk you through what to do and how to do it.

Welcome Table Host

Would you like to be part of our welcome table host team? Saint Mark’s is known as a welcoming church and part of that is due to our welcome table each Sunday in the colonnade. It’s a very easy way to provide a warm smile and hello to visitors and parishioners alike. If you want to help, please email or call Chey Widdop, Associate for Community Life, at chey@saintmarks.la or 901-409-7068.

Name tags—Do you need one?

Do you need a name tag? Have you seen other church members wearing name tags? Maybe you've thought, "How do I get one of those?" It's easy--visit the welcome table and let the host know you need one. Or, you can email or call Chey Widdop, Associate for Community Life, to request one at chey@saintmarks.la or 901-409-7068.