Saint Mark's Day

wednesday, april 25  |   7 pm |  IN THE SANCTUARY

Saint Mark's Choir will perform Vivaldi's "Gloria" in celebration of our patronal feast and Saint Mark's Legacy Circle members, who through their generosity have committed to the future presence of this parish in our community.

Gloria in D RV 589 - Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi composed this Gloria in Venice, probably in 1715, for the choir of the Ospedale della Pietà, an orphanage for girls (or more probably a home, generously endowed by the girls' "anonymous" fathers, for the illegitimate daughters of Venetian noblemen and their mistresses). The Ospedale prided itself on the quality of its musical education and the excellence of its choir and orchestra. Vivaldi, a priest, music teacher and virtuoso violinist, composed many sacred works for the Ospedale, where he spent most of his career, as well as hundreds of instrumental concertos to be played by the girls’ orchestra. This, his most famous choral piece, presents the traditional Gloria from the Latin Mass in twelve varied cantata-like sections.

Today Vivaldi is one of the most popular of all composers, who during his lifetime enjoyed considerable success and fortune, which he squandered through extravagance, and when he died in Vienna he was buried in a pauper’s grave. For two centuries after his death, the Gloria lay undiscovered until the late 1920s, when it was found buried among a pile of forgotten Vivaldi manuscripts. However, it was not performed until September 1939 in Siena in an edition by the composer Alfredo Casella. This was by no means an authentic edition (he described it as an "elaborazione”), as he embellished the original orchestration of trumpet, oboe, strings, and continuo, while reducing the role of the continuo, and cut sections from three movements. It was not until 1957 that the now familiar original version was published and given its first performance at the First Festival of Baroque Choral Music at Brooklyn College, NY.


saturday/sunday, april 21-22  |  overnight at the church

Mark your calendars for April 21-22 for the youth lock-in.  The theme of our time together is "Teen Homelessness".  Our time together will include a trip to Safe Place for Youth, a youth homeless shelter in Los Angeles, where youth will have the opportunity to complete a service project, learn about the issue of youth homelessness and what is being done to make a difference.  We'll then return to Saint Mark's for an evening of games and activities - both fun and educational - in which our youth will have the opportunity to process what they've seen, depend their learning, and discuss how faith can lead to action.  As part of the experience, youth will be creating their own sleeping shelters for the evening out of materials we provide and we will be sleeping outside in the safety of the locked backyard of the preschool.  (weather permitting).  We will have a pancake breakfast Sunday morning and attend church together.  This promises to be a powerful, engaging, and bonding weekend for our youth.  Need more info?  Contact Youth Minister Andrea Fleetham: 805-807-5213 or

Compassion Book Study with Fr. Jim Prendergast

SaturDAY, April 28  |   9-11 aM  |  vestry room

In an effort to move our religious thinking from our head to our heart, we are offering a somewhat remote book study on “Compassion.” The purpose of the study, by reading two different but related books, is to center our thinking on the development of compassion and how we can make the world a more compassionate place. The first book we discussed was “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life,” by Karen Armstrong (Anchor Books). The second book is, Beauty, The Invisible Embrace,” by John O’Donohue (Harper Perennial) and we will meet on April 7, from 9 to 11, to discuss this book. Finally, we will meet again on April 28, from 9  to 12, to consider both books together, how we view compassion in our lives and how we can make the world a more compassionate place. This book study event is open to all. Please come and travel with us.”

Adult Education with Fr. Bill Leeson

sundays, may 6, 13, 20, 27 |  9 am and 11:45 am |  BISHOP GOODEN STUDY

Fr. Leeson will be presenting four classes on C.S. Lewis during the month of May. These classes will be presented at 9:00 after the 8am mass and at 11:15 after the 10 o'clock High Mass. Those who wish to attend the classes may choose whatever time is most convenient. Parishioners who wish to attend would find it helpful ( though not absolutely necessary) to buy and read two books"The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "The Great Divorce". These books may be found on-line at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble or the closest bookstore.

June Women's Retreat

Friday, Saturday, sunday, june 1-3 |  MOUNT CALVARY MONASTERY

Our annual women's retreat this year is June 1-3 at Mount Calvary Monastery & Retreat House, in Santa Barbara. This is truly a retreat, which means there is no workshop or program, just the simplicity of escaping those To-Do lists, entering into the monastic cycle of prayer, enjoying community meals, having time together, and time to be alone or to go exploring the immediate area with one another. We begin the weekend for dinner on Friday, June 1 (you may arrive any time between 3 and 5:30 pm) and end our time together after the noonday meal on Sunday, June 3. Space is very limited, so please let Dcn. Susie ( know if you would like to attend as soon as possible. The total cost for the weekend is $250, with a deposit of $100 due immediately, and the remainder due by May 15.