adult Education during Lent

Anglican History and Its Poetry—lead by Fr. Bill Leeson

sunDAY, march 10 - sunday, April 7 | 9 am | The gooden study

Join Fr. Leeson for a five part series on "Anglican History and Its Poetry". Each session will consist of a synopsis of Anglican History for the first part and a presentation of a poem for the second part. The topics for each week are: 1) Anglo-Saxon poems (2) Middle English poems (3) poems of the Elizabethan and Stuart periods (4) Oxford Movement 19th cent poems and (5) modern Anglicanism and its poetry.

Faithful Citizenship—lead by Fr. Jim Prendergast

sunDAY, march 10 - Sunday, April 14 | 11:50 am - 1 pm | The gooden study

Join us this Lent as we take time to better understand our civic responsibilities as a disciple of Christ. Fr. Jim Prendergast will lead this six-lesson study exploring the concepts of covenant, community, and the common good. Together we will reflect on how we can grow as faithful citizens. All are welcome and materials will be provided. Sign up can be found at the Welcome Table.


Adult education is offered during various seasons of the church and includes confirmation classes and Rector's Forums. Please check the events page, calendar or subscribe to the weekly newsletter for updates.